We’re at the beautiful Heritage Golf Courseright here in Westminster, Colorado

If you want to play golf in Denver, this isa wonderful tract right up against the Rocky Mountains.

Now let’s get a product review here on a productcalled MISIG.

The acronym is Most Important Stretch In Golf.

Let’s find out how it works.

So, you get this shaft with a little couplerhere that slides along, and a resistance band.

You actually get three different bands, soas you progress, you get different levels.

You can set up like a golf swing.

Start to take your swing back and get abouthalfway or a full turn here, and then make sure that your elbow is straight.

Get your wrist flat, and then start a stretch.

And let me tell you.

It really works.

I’m getting a little older, and so my backis tight.

This is giving me a stretch in my upper backthat I don’t think I’ve ever felt, right in the scapula region, just a really nice stretch.

And I think what it’ll do is it’ll allow meto increase my flexibility.

It also allows those that don’t really understandwhere to put their hands to get in position and actually start to move the club down tothe ball, as opposed to kind of that over-the-top move.

It might be a product that’ll work for you.

What we’re gonna do today is we’ve got ColtonLittle, our co-host, who’s a younger golfer, to try it out, and we’ve also got two older golfers to see if this actually improves their swing, improves their flexibility, and maybeget some clubhead speed as you get older.

Let’s find out more about MISIG right nowon “Golf Shoes.

” >> I’m the younger generation golfer, so Istill have that flexibility in my swing, but what I got from it was kind of that fitness,getting a workout with this thing.

And so, I really enjoyed that aspect of theMISIG.

>> I wanted to find out if it would make adifference in my swing, and so I did go home and I did the repetition of 25 times 3 timesa day, and, in my opinion, it has made a difference in my swing.

>> I really have improved my swing, and Ican feel the stretching and what have you on my shoulder and my back and in the backof my arms, so I think it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

>> It keeps me connected with my swing, sowhen I get in my stance and I bring my hands not all the way through my backswing, butjust up to the point where my hands are gonna separate, it puts me in that good positionto where I’ll have a good backswing and I’ll have a good follow-through.

>> This was definitely new, and it was — whenI first started doing it, it was hard because I felt the pain, and as I continued to doit, it got easier and easier, and I started feeling like, “Oh, I could have a swing here.

” So, I enjoyed it a lot.

>> Here at “Golf Life,” I see a lot of products,but what I see from the MISIG is it can help in two ways.

One, it can help with your swing.

It can allow you to get more rotation in your back swing, get more flexibility.

The other is I could take this to the range and get a good fitness workout with it.

There’s a couple of different workouts that you can do to strengthen your swing, to get more distance with your swing, and to getmore rotation.

>> Well, after using the MISIG, I would recommend it to anyone that plays golf because it truly has helped my swing and confidence, and Iwill continue to use the stretching device.

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