OSCam Startup Script for Ubuntu and other linux distros (systemd compatible)

Updated on 14.05.2017

Create a file called /etc/init.d/oscam with the following contents:

This assumes that you have the oscam binary located in /usr/local/bin/oscam. Remember you have to create this file as the root user.

To “enable” the script and the starting up of oscam on reboot, use the following commands on Ubuntu/Debian:

systemd compatibility

The script will also work on systemd systems (like Ubuntu 16.04 and so on).

To force systemd to detect the service, you have to do:

To enable the system to start at boot:

crontab checks

Furthermore, for a simple crontab script to check if oscam has crashed and didn’t restart by itself, let’s create a file and call it /usr/local/bin/oscamchk:

And let’s make this run every minute:
Once the crontab editor has started, add the following line:

Bootstrap – a custom template for OSCam

Due to lack of user interest (and my own, to be fair), this project is currently frozen/dead. The OSCam WebUI advanced a lot and this is no longer compatible with the latest OSCam versions.

I’ve been working, lately, on a OSCam template called Boostrap. OSCam is an “Open Source Conditional Access Module” software. If you ever heard about CCCam, you most likely heard about OSCam, too.

If you’d like to check it out, please have a look at the OSCam-Boostrap @ Google-Code page that I set up.