Make Extra Money Online

Want to learn how to make extra money online?  How interested are you in putting in the necessary time and effort?  Learn how to get started.

Who doesn’t want to make more money?

Make Extra Money Online

Some say it’s easy to do.  I challenge that.  My reality is that it’s a lot of hard work and there are certain steps that need to be taken and those steps need to be taken in a certain order.

Start up cost

You can start with little or no money and work/earn your way or you can spend lots of money and shorten the time frame.  Which do you prefer?

As for me, I chose the little or no money route.  Why?  That was my only option.

Some people hire professionals to do everything for them.  Not only is that expensive, and to be honest, I can’t provide an accurate Kyani scam number for how expensive, but there’s no guarantee that those who have been hired will deliver what they say.

Whether you can afford it or not, if you choose to hire others to do the work for you, be sure you know who you’re dealing with.  Do the research.  Things aren’t always what they seem.  There’s a lot of blue sky.

Cost Efficiency

Free ($0) is always good if you can get it, but at some point it’s going to cost some money.  How much will depend entirely on you.

I don’t recommend spending more than you can afford.  If time is money, we all have the same number of hours in a week—168.  How many of those hours can you afford to use to make extra money online?

If you’re broke, your investment of time will probably need to be very high.

If you’re not broke and you’re simply trying to supplement and/or eventually replace your current income and you just want to earn extra money online, perhaps you can set aside a certain amount of money per week, per month, or per year.

How much do you value education?

If you have the know-how and you’re ready to put it to use, go for it.  If you’re a beginner and don’t have a clue where to begin, you’ll probably need to spend the majority of your time, energy and whatever money you can afford to spend on learning the ropes.

In sum, what you don’t have in money to spend, you will definitely need to spend in time and effort.

What best describes your situation?


Do you have a website set up already?  If not, you should probably consider that as a top priority.

There are ways to make extra money online without a website, such as buying and selling on Ebay or creating your own product and selling it Amazon or Ebay.

Are you in a position to do either of those things?  Perhaps you have other ideas.

To earn extra money online, the vast majority of it is done via your own website.

Affiliate Marketing

There’s a variety of ways to make extra money online and not have to spend a lot of money.  If you have a website or are able and willing to set one up for free, an extremely effective method to earn extra money online is via affiliate marketing.  It is a very cost effective way to make more money online without selling, although you can sell if you want to.

How does that work?

You start by obtaining affiliate links to products and services being offered by other companies and advertising them on your site.  It’s free to obtain the links, they’re easy to find, and there are lots of them available.

Businesses are always looking for ways to gain exposure and increase sales.

As an affiliate, you can be the link and earn a commission for your effort.  The cool part is, you don’t necessarily have to talk to the buyer or the seller.  The entire transaction can take place without you even knowing it and you get paid.

Getting started

Getting started is easy.  You can get started for free.  After that it’s up to you.

Keep in mind we’re not talking about a get-rich-quick scheme.  That’s not how it works.  Unless you’re in a position to pay someone else to handle everything for you, prepare to roll up your sleeves and dig in.

There is money to be made but there’s a lot of work to do.

Are you up to the task?  Are you ready?

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