How to run TF2 MvM Server with Quickplay

First, follow the instructions in here:

Then, what you need to know for MvM and QuickPlay:

You need to add


(the later is not required, but it will make your server run only in matchmaking mode, but it will NOT allow manual connects) to your config (server.cfg).

You also need a “TF Gameserver account”, which you can get easily by following these steps:

  • Log on to your (personal) Steam account on your computer. Start up TF2.
  • Open up the console (usually with the ` key)
  • Type:

Your game console will then output something similar to this:

Set these convars on your game server to have it log in and receive benefits:

Take the last 2 lines

and paste them into your server config (server.cfg).

Next up, you need to set-up your mapcycle.txt to only contain MvM maps. As of writing this, they are:

Now, simply run your server while booting it directly into a MvM map with a limit of 32 players (this IS required!).

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