a picture of the result of the script

Extending Upside-Down-Ternet

I was sick of people freeloading on my WiFi and I didn’t want to password protect it (for various reasons I’m too lazy to explain).

So I remembered about Upside-Down-Ternet and I extended it a bit with 23 more annoyances:

  • In addition of Flipping the images, I also grey-scaled them
  • I replaced ALL .swf files on webpages with a kitten meow sound that you can see (or hear) here: Kitten Meow Sound (right click to save as).
  • I redirect ALL YouTube (mobile and desktop) video requests to a video called “Dramatic Cat” 

For the initial set-up I followed the fine How-To at the Ubuntu Community Website. And here is my modified script:

UPDATE: I added YouTube video redirection, too!

Here is how it looks on an Android phone:

Also, one more thing:

I’ve redirected all websites trough rotateme.org:

The “?nosquid” part is added to stop an infinite loop with rotateme.org. Couldn’t be arsed to figure out a more elegant way, feel free to correct me on that 🙂

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