Color Chooser – A simple way to bookmark colors

I’ve been looking for a while for a simple tool or page that just allows me to bookmark some colors or create a simple palette without having to start up a heavy tool like a complete image editor.

I naturally thought of a web page that I could just bookmark and create a folder under my bookmarks for different color-palettes I need. When I couldn’t find one, I just decided to write my own.

Check it out at

It’s nothing fancy. It just colors the whole page with the selected color AND it generates a favicon for that specific color, so you can see it under your bookmarks.

Bootstrap – a custom template for OSCam

Due to lack of user interest (and my own, to be fair), this project is currently frozen/dead. The OSCam WebUI advanced a lot and this is no longer compatible with the latest OSCam versions.

I’ve been working, lately, on a OSCam template called Boostrap. OSCam is an “Open Source Conditional Access Module” software. If you ever heard about CCCam, you most likely heard about OSCam, too.

If you’d like to check it out, please have a look at the OSCam-Boostrap @ Google-Code page that I set up.

Extending Upside-Down-Ternet

a picture of the result of the script

I was sick of people freeloading on my WiFi and I didn’t want to password protect it (for various reasons I’m too lazy to explain).

So I remembered about Upside-Down-Ternet and I extended it a bit with 23 more annoyances:

  • In addition of Flipping the images, I also grey-scaled them
  • I replaced ALL .swf files on webpages with a kitten meow sound that you can see (or hear) here: Kitten Meow Sound (right click to save as).
  • I redirect ALL YouTube (mobile and desktop) video requests to a video called “Dramatic Cat” 

For the initial set-up I followed the fine How-To at the Ubuntu Community Website. And here is my modified script:

UPDATE: I added YouTube video redirection, too!

Here is how it looks on an Android phone:

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