Moth on Pineapple

2014-08-04 03.35.03

I was snacking away on some pineapple, and this moth decided to land on my hand. I let it roam around and I noticed it was sampling my fingers with its proboscis (ie: trump, or it’s tongue). I realised it was looking for something sweet so I gave it a slice of pineapple.

The little thing wouldn’t move at all!

I attempted to move the pineapple piece and it started to frantically look for it with it’s trump.

I got it off my hand so I could type, in the end. Sitting pretty on my desk.

Maybe it’s getting high on sugar?

Wish my phone had some sort of macro lens!

Stics New Features!


Was keeping myself busy today, so I made some changes to Stics:

  • Moved text processing from ffmpeg to imagemagick. This should speed up encoding a bit. This also makes way for a new feature I’m doing soon!
  • Added a transparency option to Spectrowave. The black bar was looking quite bad but I couldn’t think of a prettier way to do it. Now I did, I guess :-)



Stics beta

Stics beta download

Disable WP Video Locker (youtubeblocker) behaviour

WP Video Locker

If you ever seen a website that asks for a “Share” on Facebook before you are allowed to view a video, try this userscript:

This disables the annoying “WPVideoLock” WordPress plugin.

Update: Didn’t notice that websites like changed their data attribute; so with the ideas of Victor Badoiu I updated it to 0.3, doing a more aggressive scan for the YouTube video id (using regex).