Stics New Features!


Was keeping myself busy today, so I made some changes to Stics:

  • Moved text processing from ffmpeg to imagemagick. This should speed up encoding a bit. This also makes way for a new feature I’m doing soon!
  • Added a transparency option to Spectrowave. The black bar was looking quite bad but I couldn’t think of a prettier way to do it. Now I did, I guess :-)



Stics beta

Stics beta download

Disable WP Video Locker (youtubeblocker) behaviour

WP Video Locker

If you ever seen a website that asks for a “Share” on Facebook before you are allowed to view a video, try this userscript:

This disables the annoying “WPVideoLock” WordPress plugin.

Update: Didn’t notice that websites like changed their data attribute; so with the ideas of Victor Badoiu I updated it to 0.3, doing a more aggressive scan for the YouTube video id (using regex).